Cotton provides absorbent and soft-touch while the polyester gives durability and wrinkle resistance. Other common fabrics used for bed sheets are linen, silk, modal and bamboo rayon, and polypropylene.

Polypropylene is a hypoallergenic material produced at a low cost and is used for emergency shelters in hospitals as disposable sheets.

The quality is often considered by the thread count

The number of threads per square inch of material. Generally higher thread count, softer the sheet but the weave and type of the material may affect the hand of the material thats why the sheet with the lower thread count may actually be softer than the one with the higher count. Yarn quality also plays a vital part in the quality of the sheet as finer yarn creates a finer sheet fabric. The ply also plays a part in how much heavy a sheet is. Ply tells how many Fibers are twisted together to create a sheet. A 2 ply with 300 thread count will feel heavier than a single-ply 800 thread count sheet.